Tennis at Karribank 1920’s
Karribank Celebrations 1930’s

What was to become Karribank was built in the early 1900’s and was a working dairy and fruit farm. Just after the First World War the homestead was expanded and Mrs Faulkner started to receive guests. It is believed to be the oldest continuously operated country retreat in Western Australia. Families arrived by train and horse drawn buggy and later by bus.

During the Second World War many families from Perth and Singapore located to Karribank, where a school was established in the hall.

Karribank has always been a popular destination for visitors from all over Australia. In recent times overseas visitors have come to discover the peace and tranquility. In 1997 John and Chris Blythe began the task of saving many of the historic buildings and restoring them to enable guests to step back in time and still enjoy modern comforts.

Karribank early 1940’s

Early view from roadway

Wash day at Karribank